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  Guidance Services Brochure 2018-2019   - Information for students throughout their high schools years. 


 Comprehensive K-12 Plan 2018-2019   - The district plan for grades K-12. 


  Activities Brochure 2018-19  - Browse all that Westlake High School offers.


 AP and College Credit Courses  - See what courses can potentially help you earn college credit.


New York State Graduation Requirements - In the ever-changing world of education, it is important to stay updated on the New York State Graduation Requirements. Click here for the latest graduation requirements in New York State. Click here for Regents Diploma Requirements. Check back often as there are periodic updates to these requirements. 


Study Tips  - Students are encouraged to reach out for extra help when encountering difficulty with their coursework. At Westlake, our faculty is dedicated to assisting students outside of class when they encounter difficulty with their classes. All teachers have posted office hours during the school day which students may utilize for extra help. Additionally, all teachers are in their classroom from 2:15 pm to 2:45 pm (exceptions to this are when there are faculty meetings, club meetings or parent conferences).  

If the student still feels they need additional extra help and/or tutoring, we do have honor students who may be interested in tutoring for service hours or a nominal fee. Click for  2016-2017 Tutor List 
Additionally, you may wish to find a professional tutor at your cost. The listing has some certified teachers in the area who have advertised their services. We strongly advise that parent/guardians properly interview tutors and that a parent/guardian always be present for tutoring.


Enrichment Programs - Enrichment programs offer an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge and interests in unique and stimulating environments. There is a diverse selection of programs to choose from that will be sure to provide a memorable and educational experience. 


 Community Service Form  - At Westlake High School, we believe that one of the driving forces in developing students with a genuine understanding and concern for our society is to participate in community service. While there is no graduation requirement at WHS, we do have an elective credit offering for any student who compiles 60 hours or more of documented community service. Community service must be documented using the below form. Additional copies can be found in the Main Office and Guidance & Counseling Dept.

Forms should be filled out completely, signed by the appropriate supervising service personnel and then submitted to the WHS Main Office. School officials will contact the supervising service personnel to verify the students' participation.

Keep in mind, many of the honor societies at WHS have a community service component. Please consult the course catalog or appropriate honor society adviser for detailed information.


What Colleges Want- Know the most important factors for gaining admission, and compare them to what YOU are doing now, or will be doing throughout your four years of high school!

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